Roundtable HUB

Biennial Symposium

The 2023 York River and Small Coastal Basins Symposium is on May 17th in Gloucester point, Virginia. Practitioners and residents throughout the York, Mobjack and Piankatank watersheds will come together for a day of knowledge exchange and networking.

Wetlands Plan

The Roundtable has developed a regionally-specific Coastal Wetlands Plan to conserve and restore tidal and adjacent non-tidal wetlands.

State of the York Report

Aerial shot of Sloop Landing on the Mobjack Bay in Mathews County, Virginia. Credit: Aileen Devlin

We are in the process of producing a report on the York River watershed and its adjacent basins-the first of its kind in over 20 years! The State of the York Report is expected early Summer 2023.