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Biennial Symposium

Image Credit: C.Gonzalez | CBNERR-VA/YRSCBR


Our biennial symposium, held in concert with CBNERR-VA and VIMS, brings together practitioners and residents throughout the York, Mobjack and Piankatank watersheds for a day of knowledge exchange and networking.  


May 17, 2023

Our 2023 theme, Collaborative Science Driving Broader Impacts, begged the questions: Who does our science reach?  How is it applied?  What impact is it making?  Check out the below for a look at the studies, approaches and programs featured this year, each creating ripple effects throughout the York watershed system. 

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Excellence in Environmental Education Awards

In concert with the Symposium, the Roundtable awards exceptional individuals who have made lasting impacts inspiring environmental literacy among all ages (one of the Roundtable’s primary goals). 

photo credit: Nick Ruxton

2023 Excellence in Environmental Education Award

Presented to Harry Looney for his countless voluntary and dedicated efforts to raise awareness and spur action on water quality through the Lake Anna Civic Association (LACA) and its Water Quality and Environmental Preservation Committees.

photo credit: Carol Kauffman


2023 Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to Teta Kain, “Empress of the Dragon” and “force of nature”, for making key and measurable contributions to both the natural world and “legions” of inspired stewards. Through environmental education, interpretation ,advocacy and stewardship, Teta’s efforts have helped bringing awareness to, and protection of treasured watershed habitat like the upper Piankatank River’s Dragon Run.

Read more about these regional “ripplemakers”.


2021 Awardees detailed here.

May 13, 2021

This year’s Narrative Science theme acknowledged the compelling tales of events, the anecdotes and the perspectives that surround regional science and science-based management and education.  York River science is relatable, accessible and inspiring!

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