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Wetlands Plan

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The Roundtable has developed a regionally-specific Coastal Wetlands Plan to conserve and restore tidal and adjacent non-tidal wetlands. 

Developing a Coastal Wetlands Plan (“Plan”) was among the Roundtable’s first priorities. Our Habitat Restoration Steering Committee (HRSC) created the document to support broad collaboration on wetland conservation, research and action. Our Plan intends to enhance coordination and collaboration among partner organizations and landowners to respond to the many threats facing coastal wetlands and the communities they support.

The Plan presents six wetlands strategies including:

  • Conserve, restore, create, and enhance coastal wetlands in the face of changing conditions,
  • Conserve tidal wetlands migration corridors,
  • Improve coordination among partners on regional coastal wetlands efforts,
  • Increase community members’ knowledge and appreciation for the role wetlands play in protecting coastal communities and ecosystems,
  • Prioritize partnership building and projects with underserved communities impacted by wetlands losses, and
  • Support research and development of guidance to close knowledge gaps for wetlands management and restoration.

Read a one page summary of the Plan here.

Watch the Q3 Lunch-and-Learn featuring the authors of the Plan here

Read the full Plan here or click the image below:



The Roundtable recommends the following sites in the York River, Piankatank River, and Mobjack Bay for wetlands conservation, restoration, and enhancement projects. The Plan includes a list of the sites, see pages 25-26 for more information.